The Smith Level brings the added energy absorption of zonal Koroyd® and the advanced angled impact protection of MIPS® to let you focus on ripping high speed arcs in the alpine and chasing untracked lines in the trees. The hybrid shell design adds durability without weighing you down for a helmet that you will actually take with you when the backcountry beckons. And because you love to ski all day, the fit and vents are adjustable on the fly, so you never need to slow down

Helmets are measured in center meters around the crown of the head.

Smith Sizes:

X - Small : 48.5 cm - 52 cm

Small : 52 cm - 55 cm

Medium : 55 cm - 59 cm

Large: 59 cm - 62 cm

X - Large:  62cm - Giganto

Smith Level MIPS